Old and New Friends

I just wanted to take a second to thank some VERY welcome additions to our little group.

Our dear friend Breanne has left the band.  We’ll miss her very much but we couldn’t have asked for a better replacement, Miss Anna Corbett.  Her sweet and sassy vocal stylings pair perfectly with Krista’s sumptuous soul.  They truly make a great pair.

We’ve also finally filled that nasty gap in the rhythm section. We held off for just the right guy and our buddy Ken Neff fits in just fine.

Our last new friend is multi-instrumentalist Megan Mcgeorge.  We never knew we needed a french horn in the band until she showed us what she can do with it, and whenever she’s not playing with John and Jack in the horn section, she helps out the ever expanding army of keyboardists.

That puts us up to ten members…we’re on your tail Typhoon!


You can see our new friends inaction for the first time Friday, February 8th at the Star Theater!