Disco train to Seattle

It’s been a while since we’ve updated (sorry!) but we have some exciting news! We’re playing a show at the High Dive in Seattle! It’s our first time playing outside of Portland so we’re super excited. We hope to make a bunch of new friends but it would be rad to see our PDX friends up there. Caravan, anyone?!

Ancient Heat with Seattle groups Lush Tones and Passion Party,
live at the High Dive, August 24. 8pm. $7. 21+

We’re also excited to debut our new lineup. After a slight change-up, our disco troupe is currently down a guitarist BUT!!! – sexy sax man, Jack Yaguda¬†is going to be appearing with us on a regular basis!

Jack is an incredibly talented musician who recently played with us at the James Chance show. He also performed on our cover of Ghettos of the Mind for the Oregon Historical comp. We revamped several of our popular songs to take advantage of this new addition to our horn section and well….we’re pretty excited about it.

Come to Seattle to check out the new and improved line-up. Stay tuned for an announcement of our next Portland show in October.