Here’s some stuff we’ve been listening to recently

Bob A Rela-Spend The Night
-I recently found a copy of this at 360 records in Downtown Portland. Such a good track!

The Whispers-And The Beat Goes On
-essential. I play it almost every time I dj

Loletta Holloway-Crash Goes Love
-I wish there was a proper video for this song, Loletta goes off!

Midnight Magic-Calling Out
-Another huge disco ensemble out of NYC, these guys have been blowing up recently. They played here a few months ago and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. They have a new EP that’s available to download for free, go here to check it out.

Space-Air Force
-you probably recognize the sound from their hit Magic Fly. A little cheesy but it’s all good!

Anyway, you should come check out our new DJ night at Valentines. It’s called Love Sensation. John and Brendan will play dub, disco, italo and whatever other funkiness they choose…all night long…

This Saturday! 9:00//Free