Holocene, 3/6/14

We are excited and honored to play with two of our favorite local bands…Minden and Brownish Black. The show’s at Holocene, our favorite place to play in town aaaaaaand we have a new drummer, Steve, who will be playing with us for the first time! Plus, the poster Holocene made for the event is amazing.

So yeah, this one is mandatory.

Our good fortune is astounding!

Man, November’s gonna be such a great month!  We just confirmed a couple of INCREDIBLE shows….On the 2nd we will be opening up for none other than Clarence Reid aka Blowfly aka the dirtiest man in show business!!  If you’re unfamiliar please read more about this genius here.  As a sweet bonus, one of our faves from Seattle, NighTrain will be joining us on the bill.  The show is at The Know and it will definitely sell out (I mean you can only fit like 20 people in there to start with and there are 10 of us in Ancient Heat so you do the math…) so PLEASE do yourself a favor and get a presale ticket.  You can pick one (or two) up from the box office at The Know


As if that wasn’t honor enough, on the 30th we will be opening for disco legends, The Village People!  No joke!!  The show’s at the Crystal Ballroom (follow that link if you still don’t believe me!)  This is like a bizzare-disco-fever-dream come true!  And in case you were worried, Krista promises not to one up their outfits…

I’ll give y’all more info as I get it.  Bye!

My, my, my, what a funky week…

We’re very busy this week with TWO Ancient Heat related events!

Firstly, Brendan from A/H will be DJing at Lola’s Room for Pearly Gates, the Crystal Ballroom’s new gay night!  he’ll be playing disco, new wave and party anthems from 9-1.  Bring yo dancing shoes!

You have 3 days to recover from that before our show at Secret Society Ballroom!  We’re helping to celebrate Jeni Wren’s (Shy Girls) new EP, North Star, wich you can check out here.

We’ll also be introducing you to our newest member, Sarah.  She’ll be playing synth for us from now on so you should probably come say hi.

Let us know you’re coming and RSVP!!

Big Changes…

Hi guys, I have some bittersweet news to share. Christina and Devin will no longer be playing in Ancient Heat. They’ve put many things on hold to play with us for as long as they have but the time has come for them to shift their focus to other things.

Devin has literally been with Ancient Heat since the very first rehearsal and Christina came on board within the first few weeks. Simply put, Ancient Heat would not be what it is today without their influence and they will be greatly missed.

Our set at the PDX Pop festival this Saturday will be their last show with us.

But don’t be sad, come see us at 4:30 on Saturday and give them the spectacular send off they deserve!


Okay, so I think you should all come as early and as often to this year’s PDX Pop! Festival as you can. That being said, I understand not everyone can dedicate their whole weekend to it (but you totally should.)

If you can’t be there the entire time but you wanna catch our set, we’re playing Saturday at about 4:30.

Just a reminder, it’s free and all ages!



I’m honored and excited to announce that we will be taking part in the PDX Pop! Now festival this year!  I know it’s kind of silly but validation from a Portland mainstay like PDX Pop really makes a guy feel good…

Anyway, I don’t have any details besides the date and the lineup, I’ll share more when I can!

Limited Quantity of Under The Covers Cassettes Still Available!

We have a few tapes left over after our release show and we decided to make them available online! If you’d like to purchase a cassette of our brand new EP, Under The Covers, follow the paypal link and we’ll send one out post-haste

-We only made 100 of these cassettes and we’re not making any more so if you want one, you should get one now

-The EP is still available to download or stream for free, but the limited edition cassettes we  have for sale are $5 plus shipping.  
-With the purchase of a tape you are entitled to a high quality download of Under The Covers, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, etc.
-Do it.  Do it now.